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KINAME BY KADI Is A Black Owned Company With The Most Natural and Best Quality Lip Glosses Sold At An Affordable Price. Not Only Will We Sell Lip Glosses, But Many Other Merchandise Will Become Available In The Future, Including But Not Limited To; Lip Care, Skin & Body, And Clothing. The CEO of this Establishment Kadi Africano, a Personal Blogger on Instagram And An Aspiring Entrepreneur and Anesthesiologist. This Business Was Created To Not Only Promote Shiny and Glossy Lips, But Healthy Lips As Well. KIMANE BY KADI Glosses Are Infused With Many Healthy Ingredients Such As ; Rosehip Oil , Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, etc. These Glosses Will Not Only Make Your Lips To Appear Soft and Shiny, But Give You The Feeling As Well. This Business Is A Sole Proprietorship. Although The Goal Is To Be Known And To Sell Internationally To Promote Soft And Shiny Lips, Our Customers Satisfaction Will Always Be The Priority. Look Good, Feel Great. Follow Our IG. What's Available In Shop (COMING SOON):

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